Voice instructions stopped working

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Why have voices stopped working. When I get to a junction it starts playing the voice from the start to the finish, every single instruction. Have to switch off the app to stop it. Absolutely useless app on Android and no sign of it being updated and cancel my subscription until next year.


  • Niall
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    1. Which voice are you using?
    2. With which version of the application?
    3. On what Android platform?
  • kx2
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    Happens with all recorded voices. Android 8. Latest version downloaded again yesterday. Computer voices seem ok but recorded voices start reading the complete file.
  • Asprin
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    You did not explain what platform you are using the app on.

    What phone or is this on a head unit ????

    What other apps are running with the TomTomGo app that could cause problems with the GO app.

    Details Details that is the only way to get a clear picture.

    Giving just limited information does not help anyone to help solve the problems.