How to use a Rider 2013?

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Hi, I have a Rider 2013 and used Tyre quite happily to upload POI's to the device. The version of Tyre I used to use is now apparently no longer available and the replacement version requires a Google Maps key which requires me to give Google my credit card number. Something I do not want to do. What software can I use to upload POIs to my Rider 2013? MyDrive doesn't appear to work with Rider 2013.

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    Thanks for this, it has given me a start point.
    I simply want to use my TomTom by doing 3 things:
    (i) Create a list (not a route) of places I want to visit by accurately identifying these separate locations on a map on my PC. A list of POIs was what I used to create in Tyre.
    (ii) Upload this list to my TomTom Rider. This was simply done by Tyre which would write the POIs directly onto my device.
    (iii) When out on my bike select one location from the list and go there.
    Most of the navigation tools such as MyRoute-App appear to be about creating routes, this is not what I want to do. In addition I can't find anything in MyRoute-App that tells me how to upload to my device. The closest is 'Export POI through TomTom MyDrive'. MyDrive does not support my version TomTom Rider 2013.
    I couldn't find the MyRoute-App Basic you suggested, the only free version seems to be a 14-day trial version.
    I have not yet tried PoiEdit because the last version seems to be 2007 which seems a little old and I'm not sure how secure it is.
    So I still seem to be in a puzzle, not knowing how to simply create a list of individual locations and get this list onto my TomTom Rider 2013. When I bought the device the instructions supplied by TomTom were to use Tyre which worked fine, this is no longer possible and since TomTom moved to MyDrive, which does not support my device as far as I know, they have not provided me with an obvious alternative.
    I'll keep looking into your suggestions, maybe I missed something. I must admit I really want to just use my bike rather than become an expert in a tool that I will rarely use.