Why can’t I connect GO 520 to my iPhone 8 MyDrive?

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I’ve followed all steps with no luck. Also spoke to staff member who sent me email instructions to reset both devices. Still zip. I emailed back, staff responded with another set of steps to Recover my device but it states if you don’t follow exact timing steps in Recovery mode you can corrupt the device. Reluctant to go ahead. Any tips. Annoyed to pay good money for a device that doesn’t tick all the boxes it portrays. I’ve used on 2 long haul road trips in Italy without phone connection. Driving from northern Italy to Spain in September and want this issue solved. Appreciate help!


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    HI @sharbecq

    Could you try Pairing your iPhone to the GO520 when you are away from home so out of range of your Wifi or with the Wifi Router turned Off. The other option is to Forget the Wifi in Settings then try Pairing it and reseting Wifi after.

    Also after pairing check that you have the Data as selected in Bluetooth. When you are in range of your Wifi that takes over the data setting .