Water in TomTom Runner, Faulty ?

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I have a Tom Tom runner Ltd edition watch, that until two nights ago worked fine, I happened to be caught in a rain shower whilst running, my watch stopped working & wouldn't function at all any more, the day after the face inside the watch fogged up with moisture that had clearly got into it, they are supposed to be waterproof, I have never used it in any form of water though, please see picture attached.

Two days later the watch has started working again but there is still obvious moisture inside the watch. It was bought as a gift, have had it a while, obviously no receipt so online customer support wasn't interested apart from wanting me to pay £50 for a repair, which I think is a bit cheeky for a manufacture failure.

Is there any precedent for Tom Tom swapping out just the hardware bit or am I just stuck with a dud?


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    It would only be covered for mechanical failure within the warranty period, which is long over likely (it was onl y1-2 years from purchase). It is not cheeky for them to expect you to pay a fee otehrwise. The Runner was discontinued several years ago and TT Sports left the business altogether over 18 months ago, ceasing all development and production and curtailing Support. You are better off investing your money in a watch from an active brand rather than continuing to throw money away on an old dead product.