How to sync weight between TomTom Sports and Myfitnesspal?

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Hello guys,
After quite a bit of weight loss I found the kcal count for my activities to be far too high. It turns out that Myfitnesspal and TomTom sports only syncs activities and since I track caloric intake and weight and body measurements in myfitnesspal the value in TomTom Sports, which the kcal calculation is based on, was still my starting value.

Of course I could just update my weight in two apps, but I wonder, is there any way of including the weight value in the sync. I read that there is some workarounds for sharing daily activity by using several other apps (TomTom Sports -> Fitness Syncer -> MapMyFitness -> MyFitnessPal). Does this also work for weight? I know it does not work through runkeeper.


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    There is no way to do what you want. You can sync sports activities and daily activity but your weight is a setting, like height, gender, etc. that does not sync. This is not unique to TomTom, I know of no other platforms which will sync your personal settings to other platforms.