MyDrive developers team: get some UX people!

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I see great potencial in MyDrive app, but cannot understand why this app lacks so many simple features.

1) I use MyDrive to gather lots of routes in My routes section - there should be possibility to put them in folders to keep it tidy
2) You can ad predefined hashtags to Routes - great but You cannot add your own
3) Why hashtags at all if You cant use them in search or sort by hashtags?
4) You cannot search routes by text also, nor sort by name or use any filter - it is useless
5) Community routes - so advertised - are also useless - there is no way to sort it or filter. I see routes from other part of globe but cannot find near me unless I scroll whole list
6) Why cant we search my favourite places? I always have to scroll them - if You have more places it is nightmare
7) Why can't I use my favourite places as destination during planing a road? I can use them as start or destination on map but cannot define them during planning...

Please fix this, co we can use it and not switcgh between gpx files, google maps and furkot.