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    Re... Recovery Mode rollback....
    In truth I didn't think it would either... The routing bug that was fixed in the update you refer to was, when the device was connected over Wi-Fi, and the .ITN routes (Stops) were Synced using the MyDrive Web Route planner the .ITN Routes were automatically converted and saved to the device as a .GPX Track....
    I think the problem your having happened quite a while ago when Tomtom prioritized .GPX Tracks over .GPX routes....

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    When we use Sent destinations in MyDrive it does exactly that. Only the max 20 Stops are send to the MyDrive backend as a json.
    The definition for this json also supports Soft stops but these are skipped when send to the PND.

    For more complex routes you it’s better to add more stops to shape your route. In this case you will need more than 20 stops and have to use another routeplanner like MRA to create a .ITN file. You can import this .ITN file using the USB cable or micro SD card. This way You can use 255 stops.
    For routes you need to set the same route preferences on your PND as used while creating the route to follow (about) the same path between stops.

    Tracks will always follow the same path when possible. Only stops and U-turns are a problem with tracks. In this case you have to split the track in multiple tracks. For example track-before-lunch and track-after-lunch and avoid driving the same road up and down.

    So I personally prefer routes when the stops are important like a castle route.
    And I prefer tracks when I like to follow a planed path.

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    Greg350z wrote: »
    (Snip)This makes me think now the problem and also described by @BrianWatts is a result of changes to MyDrive Route Planner functionality and not as a result of the latest firmware VER 19.201
    If you are talking about the existing posts in THIS thread by BrianWatts, then the problem/bug is about Intercontinental route planning
    When planning a route on another Continent (Say Australia) separated by the sea from your home Continent or Island (Say UK)... The device now tries to plan a route from the UK to Australia and gives a 'No Route Possible' error Instead of planning the route as it used to in my example 'Ayers Rock to Philip Island MotoGP Race Circuit..This Bug is because of the sea...
    This Bug is still active and unresolved....

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    Hello All,

    I'm just back in Australia after my 11 day (1500 km) road trip in Germany, followed by another 1500 km road trip in North & South Carolina, USA.

    If the GO620 did what the Manual says it will do, the trip would have been so much easier. As I have previously said, and what others have said or since found out, it is not possible to plan a route or track (in this context whether it is called a route or a track is not relevant) and that planning stipulated the actual road you want to drive on (for example a scenic route) and with stops that you actually want to stop at, and where those stops are announced by the device.

    So with 23 days of pre-planning done on the MyDrive Planner, and all those routes with stops saved on MyDrive, and synced with my GO620, how good would it have been if I could have just jumped into the car and drove on the roads that I had selected and stopped at the places I wanted to stop at? No, not that easy. The planned and saved routes with stops on MyDrive, when synced with the device became a track with no stops.

    What I had to do is get each route with stops, and divide them into smaller tracks where the next planned stop was the destination of that sub-track. Was easy to do, but time consuming. I had to select the full route, go to Edit Route which brings up the planner, delete all but the starting place and the first stop, save, rename, then save again. I had to do this for every sector of the full route. It was the only way I could stay on the roads I wanted to stay on, and stop at the places I wanted to stop at, and know when those stops were approaching.

    Over the last 8 years I have done 15,000 km of tourist driving in 12 different countries and have used one of three different TomTom devices during that time. And to be fair, the trips would have been very difficult without a good reliable GPS device like I had. But now at the age of 74, when doing international driving, I need everything going for me, and I don't think that my TomTom GO620 is any longer a useful device for pre-planned holiday travel.
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