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Route becomes track

George from AntwGeorge from Antw Posts: 19 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
Hi all,

Am I missing something somewhere or has something changed in MyDrive - Route Planner via the webbrowser or Go 6200 operating system?
In April I did about the same route Antwerp -> Almunecar.
Now for the new trip I just use some other stops and sleeping places (total 19 stops) for this route and send this to my TT Go 6200. No problem here!
Once on my Go 6200 the route is received correctly as a route but if I save it (in case of ....) the route is clearly displayed in the My Routes menu as a track with a small dotted arrow in front of the name ... here it goes wrong ! This was not before!
I don't like tracks... gives me no driving freedom or change a short road
I didn't have this problem in April for this when I reloaded the route...
Mac & Safari user all update

Kind regards,

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  • George from AntwGeorge from Antw Posts: 19 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    @Lochfrass @YamFazMan,

    I thank you both, that works! =) B)

    There was a similar problem last year in June but that was suddenly resolved for me a few months later and everything worked as it should be, until now!

    TT is not very fast in its bug solutions: general comments from everyone!
    They would better make a switch in the Wifi menu to turn it on or off like on the iPhone.... I think this is easier and quicker than fixing the bug in question ...
    This switch therefore always avoid entering the password for WiFi and the updates
    Nevertheless I thank you both B)

    Kind regards,
  • BrianWattsBrianWatts Posts: 39 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    When I saw that "The Fix" from YamFazMan is to turn off the WiFi on the device and do all the syncing via USB, I got excited.

    My excitement was short-lived however, because stops still do not import to my GO 620. Just the same old problem. Any maps imported to the GPS before about a month or so ago have the stops shown, but any new maps don't.

    I also have my old GO 6100 which doesn't even have WiFi, so I decided to try it. Same story. Any old My Routes routes have stops shown, but anything done since July does not.

    And if I tamper with an old route and save it again, the stops disappear on the device.

    I have been very patient with TomTom over the years (first TT in 2011), but this is really starting to test my patience and product loyalty.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 15,110 Superusers
    edited September 7

    Tomtom fixed this problem weeks ago....
    Are you logged in MyDrive on the device ???

    Your GO 6100....
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Tomtom Services... Login to MyDrive
    Your GO 620....
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> MyDrive... Login to MyDrive

    I'm logged in MyDrive on the GO 6200
    I'm Connected to Wi-fi on the device...

    I have just planned this 10 stop .ITN Route using the MyDrive Web Route planner
    The .ITN Route synced instantly over Wi-Fi without a problem....

  • BrianWattsBrianWatts Posts: 39 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    YFM, thanks for your reply.

    Yes, I am connected to MyDrive and can use either WiFi or USB as I please.

    When I plan a route with or without stops, I have two choices:

    1. Use "Send Stops" or "Send Destination" and get an ITN route on my device. I can then save the route to "My Routes" on the device and it saves as a route, not a track. All the stops are there, but not my start point. The trouble is that the route starts from my current position, instead of where I planned the route to start from. And then the entire route is where the device wants to go from one stop to the next, not where I planned.
    So it seems that it is not possible to plan an ITN route from somewhere you're not at.

    2. Use "Save to My Routes" and get a GPX track on both the web-based MyDrive planner account and on the device. The route is then a track, exactly as I planned it, but now all the stops have vanished even though the track does go via the stops.

    Number 2 is the method I have always used, because an ITN route doesn't take you where you've planned, but the GPX track does.

    Now, before a month or so ago all the routes I planned for my upcoming trip to Germany and USA have the stops shown on the GPX track on my GO 620. They are there now, saved on "My Routes" and shown as tracks with dotted tail arrows, and when I open them on the device, the stops are there on the map as flags. These stops are not announced by the Voice, but are visible as approaching flag symbols on the map.

    But now, any route I plan and save as a GPX track still shows the stops on the web planner as numbers, but the stops no longer appear on the tracks on the device.

    The TomTom tutorials show planning a route in advance, adding stops, dragging the route to scenic roads, and doing all the things that one does when planning a holiday, and then saving. And it strongly implies that the route that is saved is actually saved when you have planned it, and showing the stops you have planned. But now this is not the case. It only gives you a track from the start to the destination, exactly where you have planned, but with no stops shown.

    In October, I have 20 days driving planned to do in different countries (that are not Australia) and I have tracks with stops planned and saved on the web-based MyDrive planner for most of the trip already. But only the half of that planning, that done before August, has the stops shown on the GPX tracks on the device.

    YFM, please what do I do from here?


  • BrianWattsBrianWatts Posts: 39 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    YamFaz, thanks very much for the time you have spent explaining this. Appreciate it.

    I can see how to use the sacrificial stop to solve that particular problem. Clever idea.

    As for my preferred holiday trip planning, where I want to use roads that I have actually selected, and drive through towns in a pre-planned way, and follow a bread crumb track as you have described it, I have no real alternative but to use GPX tracks. I don't really want to use an ITN route and pick the stops, but have the device decide which way I go between the stops. I want to decide that.

    But the problem for me is, my recently created GPX tracks don't have stops shown, whereas up to a month or so ago, my GPX TRACKS DID HAVE STOPS SHOWN ON THE DEVICE. As I stated in my earlier post, I still have saved GPX tracks on my GO 620, that is tracks with dotted arrows, and those tracks have stops on them displayed on the maps in both views. What is disappointing me most is that I can no longer create GPX tracks with stops like I could up to a month or so ago.

    Thanks again Yam.
  • BrianWattsBrianWatts Posts: 39 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Hi YFM,

    I decided to try a different method and use .ITN routes (rather than .GPX tracks) and add enough stops (used as way points where you don't actually stop) so that the device tells you which way you want it to go, rather than where the device wants you to go.

    So that means I need to use the "Send Stops" button. BUT you have written previously:

    Be Aware....
    If your starting point IS NOT your present location there's a BUG
    When using the 'Send Stops' option, during an "A" to "B" route transfer where 'A' IS NOT your present location... The device drops Location "A"
    This bug also applies also to Multi-Stop/Waypoint routes... 'A' to 'B' to 'C' to' D' to 'E' etc...

    So you suggest the "Sacrificial Stop" method, which is great if you are on the same continent. But for me, sitting here in Australia and trying to plan routes in Germany and USA, the bug in the "Send Stops" process tries to send the stops in Germany or USA with a starting place at home here in Oz. As there is clearly no road between here and those places, I get a message "Route not Possible".

    YFM, do you have any ideas for this, other than to wait until I am there and maybe select the next day's route on the myDrive planner, go to "Edit" which brings up the "Send Stops" button and then send the stops to give an ITN route with stops?

    Sorry to be a pest, but I am really battling with this.


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 15,110 Superusers
    edited September 9

    Strange ??? Looks like something has changed....
    See Post Here 17/3/2019... Intercontinental .ITN route transfer was working all right then ???

  • BrianWattsBrianWatts Posts: 39 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Hi YFM,

    Thanks for your post. Ordinary route planning and "Save to my Routes" and "Sync this route as a track with my devices" all work no worries.

    What doesn't work is sending an ITN route to my device using the "send Stops" button if I am on a different continent and the device wants to plan the route from my current location 16000 km away, rather than the start point that I set.

  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 15,110 Superusers
    edited September 9

    if you look carefully at my post, you will see the solid tail of the arrowhead icon of an .ITN route....
    See Post Here 17/3/2019...
    Must be a New Bug

  • BrianWattsBrianWatts Posts: 39 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Hi YFM,

    Yep I did notice that Ayers Rock to Phillip Island route did have a solid tail and thought at the time "that is definitely a ITN route".

    But I have tried it several times again today with various routes in Europe, with and without stops and with the Europe map selected on my GO 620. The ITN route will not transfer using Send Destination or Send Stops. It just says "No route possible".

    Surely this is the same bug you mentioned that needs the sacrificial stop to solve. And I assume the "no route possible" is because there is no driving route between my location here in Australia and the destinations in Europe.
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