TomTom VIA 135 from Halfords with Lifetime Maps

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We have just found our device after having misplaced it for several years. Mydrive connect says that ii is still fully supported by post and email, but when we came to update the map as the device says it hasn't been updated for 77 months, the screen says that the map update has expired??? How is this lifetime maps which is what Halfords sold it to us as, it is unfortunate that we misplaced our device, but why condemn us for it?


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    Hi @EnthuZiaZT

    If you unit was sold with Lifetime maps then it looks like you need your Account sorted. Contact Customer support and get them to sort it out. Do not answer the questions but wait fo ran agent to answer.

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    Hi and welcome to the Forum

    When i remember right, there is a Via 135M with lifetime Maps and a Via135 without lifetime Maps.

    I think the best is if you call the support.
    They can sort your account.