Just took my GO 5200 for its first test run - Voice control Non Existent totally unresponsive

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Just took out My new Go 5200 wifi for its test run, only the voice control system was utterly non responsive. Tried entering various startup phrases with little green men and yellow men smilies only no response what so ever. Whats the issue. I thought the Go5200 Was a decent product and there was mention of it having voice control like Siri and Google Assistant. My old Garmen Drive Smart was bad but you could get some response from it. and I have checked voice control in setting and under regular voice control and tried to get it all on, its says it is but it appears deaf


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    For Voice control you must set a Computer Voice. Recorded voices doesnt work with this.

    For Siri or Google or read Messenges, the MyDrive App must be installed on the smartphone