Why is your maps update download so buggy?

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I'm doing my annual maps update, and having the usual torment with your appalling update process.

MyDrive tells me the maps are updated and I can disconnect the device. I turn on and off the device and it tells me no maps found. I reconnect it and it starts updating again.

An hour later the same thing happens. I look on the forum and as usual it's full of people complaining about your appalling updates. I follow the 'trouble shooting steps', because you won't fix your update process, so your customers have to become bug fixers.

I delete the downloaded files, I uninstall the maps and go through the process again.
I'm on my fifth attempt now. FIX YOUR DAMN UPDATES!


  • DougLap
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    Hi @DMG2

    What Tomtom unit have you got and what PC and Operating software on it.

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    Start 25 and Windows 7
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    Welcome to the community!

    The maps shows installed for your Start 25. Could you do a soft reset and check again please?

    Soft reset: Press and hold the on/off button till you hear the drum sounds.