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I just want to know if and how I can turn off, mydrive changing routes I created due to the options "fastest" or "exciting". Everytime I create a route in mydrive or import one, mydrive just decides to completely change parts of my route. Its frustrating. Just let me create the route I want to without interfering.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Froofro

    When you create a route in My drive it will work it out using the Routing instructions you have set up on it ie Fastest etc When the Destination or Stops are sent to the PND it then recalculates the route based on the Routing settings in the PDN. However it will also take into consideration traffic data so if any of the settings or the Traffic has an influence then the route will be different. As an extreme if I create a route in My Drive and send it to my GO Camper which asked for Routing suitable for a Heavy Campervan then the route will differ if MyDrive is set for a Car..

    The only way you can ensure that the route is transfered exactly as you designed it is to save the the Route in My Drive My Routes and then ask for it to be Synced to your devices. This will then appear on your PND in My Routes and can be selected at any time. The thing you will have to bear in mind is that when you select the route the PND will religiously follow your instructions including Stop by Stop and will take no notice of any Traffic data the unit receives. Also if you miss a turning it will continually try to direct you back to the error point in order to continue the journey from there.