Should I now buy a Garmin and end the problems?

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It as been a pain in the A$$ to update my tomtom.
While updating, it got disconnected (either the cable or the internet went down)
It finished updating just for me to see that it cant find a map. I made a reset and tried again.
It EITHER ends "updating" after the 2nd try (with a corrupt map" or it stalls and I have to delete the cache of the TOM3 folder in (APPData).
Seriouslly. THis company's best fate is to go bankrupt and stop pretending they are fixing anything. YOur support is laughable.
I have a fairly good troubleshooting skills on IT but this is just out of this world. Imagin a person who as little computer knowledge.
seriouslly, Garmin's stock share is 8 times higher than this joke of a company.

All they care is money. "lifetime maps" for a piece of shit of a crappy gps.


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    Click "uninstall map" and it goes to "updating" lol wtf you guys are a joke for an IT company. Just FILE for freaking bankruptcy and stop selling overpriced pieces of junk.

    The US government should ban retarded crappy GPS devices from using their satellites
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    Basically my day (did this more than 5 times)

    *on tomtom scree* Updating, dont turn off your device.

    On computer screen* Updating the device 2 hours left (1%)

    1 hour and half later , 40% .... Tomtom screen* (an error as occourred, device got disconnected)

    Now I have a corrupted map installed (without knowing)

    Next update finishes at 100%.... tomtom screen *Can't locate map
    Basically the genouis in TOMTOM cant detect that my last update wasnt sucessful and therefore AUTOMATICLY start updating my tomtom making me lose time.

    next stage, delete the map and start over...
    OR BETTER; just throw away this piece of filth and buy A TRUE GPS

    GARMIN ! ! ! fuck TOMTO; BANKRUPT THEM IN 2020 !