My Tom Tom Rider has started to not link up with software from my computer.

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I been dealing with the Satellite reboot we had in April which killed my internal clock on my device. then recently an update flashed up on my software in my laptop which happen to restore my internal clock in the device, GREAT. Now I am having an issue with linking the device up to my laptop. It appears that the software does not have the ability to recognize or support my Rider device. Needless to say the Tyre program that was attached to my Tom Tom Rider software no longer gives me access after it appeared to want to download an update to 2019. It has flashed and endless message that continues to repeat about denying access...The device itself seems to be functioning but will not sync up with my current software in my laptop....


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    I have a lot mileage and use with my Tom Tom Rider, not to mention the cost when I originally purchase this item. It has given me good service up to last April when all of the shit hit the fan about a Sat. reboot. Since then I have learn to work without the internal clock until a recent update happened in my software which restored my Clock. The problem now is my software in my laptop has ceased to recognize my Rider device and has rendered itself useless. I'm getting really frustrated with these glitches and may have to purchase your competitors device which I really do not want to, especially when I have gotten used to this unit which up to this point has served me well...
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    Hi @andrewmarks45

    Could you do a clean uninstall of the TomTom HOME software using a revo-uninstaller?

    Once done download a fresh version here:

    Another troubleshooting link just for reference-