I can't logon

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I needed to reset the app yesterday. When I try and logon there is an error message telling me that Oops something went wrong. It doesn't tell me what went wrong or how to resolve it.
Can anyone help?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Tafisaf

    Servers are down.

  • Tafisaf
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    Thanks for the quick response
  • RogerKR
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    I also have these problems. Yesterday I did not have any information about traffic and I started to combine. First of all, the phone's settings and network filtering, all OK. On both phones the same lack of access to TomTom network services and maps. I logged out and I could not log in anymore. I reinstalled the program, it did not help. Today, on one phone I was able to log in to the services and download the map. Then everything stopped working. It is interesting that after providing mobile internet from another phone (Polish provider on roaming), it has restored access to all TomTom services. When I turned on the home WiFi again nothing works. On my second brand new phone, I can not even install the new TomTom Go on Google Play after I install navigating, it appears on the welcome screen "I can not connect to TomTom services" ...

    I am waiting two more days and I will start applying for a refund. Fortunately, I still have CoPilot bought a long time ago and this one works.