Iphone app always takes the shortest way

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When I ask the App on my iPhone for to plan a route, I receive three suggestions for a route. But it always sends the fastest route to the GPS. It doesn't matter if I mark the longest route.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @hakqa

    I assume when you get the 3 routes offered you are then pressing send the Destination. This is then received by the Tomtom unit and calculates the route to the destination and if you have set the Tomtom to chose the Fastest route then that is what it calculates.

    When you get the 3 routes offered when yo u tap the route you want then you have to Tap the Down Arrow bottom right and select Save to My routes. when you have Confirmed the Routes name then you select Save. You will have to check on the next screen the the Sync this Track to with my devices has been selected.

    The route will now be synced to your My Routes folder on the Tomtom unit and when selected will take you along the route you wanted. There is one thing to be aware as you have created a .GPX file when you saved it and the Tomtom will religiously take you along the route and will take no notice of Traffic or Diversions.

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