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Tesla app has a super smart feature, that you can share a point in the map with the tesla app and when you go to the car, the navigation is already set to go. I like to have this feature added to the MyDrive app, so I don't have to input destination data more than once. Thanks.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Claus_Mattsson

    In your Profile you list that you have the GO6200. If that is the Tomtom product the you are saying you would like to be already set up with the route when you turn it on that is already possible.

    If you open the My Drive Webpage and log in, or open the My Drive app on your phone and create a route you have the option to send the Destination or Stops to you Devices on the account. When you turn on the GO6200 and it logs into your account it will announce it has a new Destination and the Destination , or Stops, you sent from My Drive will be calculated using the Routing Preferences on the GO 6200.

    If however you are referring to the ability to create a Route in MyDrive and send it to the IOS Tomtom GO Navigation app then that is a feature that many of us would like to be available. It is available with the Android Mobile App as are some other features that are missing from the IOS version.

    it is clear that Tomtom are happy to have the feature you may be seeking as they have it on the Android App so it may be a restriction from Apple. Either way hopefully in time these Missing features in the IOS app will be introduced.

  • Claus_Mattsson
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    Hi Doug.

    Thank you for the answer.

    I did literally mean ‘Share to’ function. Because I don’t want to use TomToms POI. Google is way better and has more updated POIs.

    Take a look at this video:

    I hope to see this feature soon.