How can I get information where my purchased GPS is in the delivery process

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A week ago I bought a GPS order #408543297, and since then I have had no info. The purchase order says it will be delivered by UPS but I have not received any tracking number from Tom Tom or UPS so can't check.
When I try to get in contact with TomTom via the Order confirmation the answer is that they don't answer at this mail address but I should use:
but when I do the answer is Page not found. This coming from a Tech company!! Next suggestion:
Aternatively, have a look at our FAQs on ............. When I try this approach I just get the run around even when I click on Check order status I never arrive to a final contact.

So Please Someone answer me. Where is my GPS? And if you could improve on the follow up of orders it would be good, because right now it is atrocious .
I could go on for much longer on how I get the run around but never any concrete info. If I was suspicious I'd say the contact page was set up so that TomTom never has to have any contact with its users/customers.

Evert Carlsson