When are maps in TomTom GO Navigation updated?

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Sometime ago there where massive changes in the roads around the exists of the A44 near the Plesmanlaan (Oegstgeest). The changes are visible for some time on Map Share Reporter, but not yet on the TomTom GO app on my iPhone.

I understood that there would be weekly map updated on the TomTom GO app? When can I expect these map corrections in the app?


  • RicoK
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    I do not get a notification (too). Have you entered and checked your downloaded maps in the app? On the right side you could find a 'refresh-symbol'.
  • HansRemmerswaal
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    O yes, I do see map updates getting in. That is not the problem.

    The problem is that the map on Map Share Reporter is correct already for a long time but I'm not receiving these map improvements. And with the TomTom GO app on the iPhone it was mentioned weekly map improvements, so my expectation would be that it would be more or less in sync with the one on Map Share Reporter (with a few weeks delay).

    Maybe my expectation is wrong and for these we need to wait on the quarterly map releases again. But I was hoping that it would become more like Google maps, where the map improvements would be releases ASAP.

    Note: in that area I'm actually now use Google maps for the navigation to decide which road to take before leaving work. After that I switch to the TomTom GO app for the navigation...