2018 Fiat 500 navigation

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2018 Fiat 500, needs navigation. (Maps are getting hard to find.)

I want voice recognition and, if possible, a way to connect via uConnect or USB w/o using a phone. I had a unit for 4 hours that required I enter an address, even for well known businesses. (If I knew the address, I wouldn't be lost.) I would like to be able to use the car's speakers and display info on the car's screen. (Phones can do this, but this last is optional.)

The Fiat salesman was ignorant when he said I could upgrade my car for Sirius and navigation. For some odd reason, Fiat's standard radio is not capable of being upgraded, or replaced. Even mid priced stereos are GPS compatible these days. Besides, the GPS update is $600... a silly price for software.

Is there a TomTom that will do this? Apparently Garmin cannot, except to connect to a phone first, and if I had a phone/service, I wouldn't need the Garmin.


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    Hi @mperry

    With Fiat we have a tie up but the TomTom navigation is supported on limited models listed below:

    FIAT (Blue & Me / Blue & Me 2 (Live) / TomTom GO Freemont / Uconnect 5” Radio NAV / Uconnect 6.5" Radio NAV / Uconnect 7” Radio NAV)

    If your built-in device already came with a preinstalled TomTom navigation system only then you would be able to update it.