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I am trying to understand the use of a smartphone with the Go Premium X. What services will this provide in addition to those built in. I do not want to use my TomTom for phone calls as I have extremely good integration with my car audio system and I need to keep that as I do not have my TomTom on for every trip. I like the look of the find my car function but can I use that without having calls coming through the TomTom. The manual does not make this clear

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    Thanks for your help. Interestingly I can see none of the above in the manual. What I can see is there is an option to connect your smartphone via the MyDrive app on the phone. Does the above still apply if you choose that option?
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    Ive tried the method suggested to disable Hands-free calls on the Go Premium X, however the in car phone system is over ridden
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    What SmartPhone are you using ???
    In the example above....
    I'm using a GO 520 (NO SIM) So the 'Data for Traffic and other services' switch is set to ON

    The GO Premium has built-in a GPRS SIM... The 'Data for Traffic and other services' should be set to OFF....
    If not, the Smartphone Bluetooth connection will have a higher priority and override/disconnect the GPRS SIM....

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