No activation code in box for VIA 1625 TM (US version)

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I bought a VIA 1625 TM that is supposed to come with lifetime Traffic and Maps in January of this year. Now when I connect to my account using My Drive Connect it's telling me my map subscription has expired and if I want a new map I must pay an exorbitant fee. I called the number referenced in the paper instructions and got a recording that the offices were closed, emailed with only an auto-reply.
It seems like I need an activation code for lifetime maps but none was found with the device's box.
Furthermore, my partner bought the same item--LAST NIGHT--and no activation code in that box, either.
So either I set the thing up wrong somehow, or Tomtom is trying to dupe people into buying more stuff. It said Lifetime Maps. Free. I should not have to jump through hoops to get this. I should not have to wait for customer support to be available to fix what I'm suspecting is a known issue.
Not very pleased right now with this product.

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  • kitty_kat
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    Thank you folks very much for your assistance. I'm still a bit upset that I had to wait the weekend to have it fixed, but meh. It is fixed now. And doesn't appear to be an issue (yet...) on the other device.
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    Hi @kitty_kat

    Does your partners unit have the same problem if so you should have time to resolve the problem before the weekend if they contact Customer Support.

    Do not answer questions but wait until an agent answers and they can sort their account out or if it is on the same account sort the settings for it at their end.

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