Not enough space for europe and us map

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it isn't possible to have them both on the go basic. So i want to switch the map but that is also not possible because if I delete the europe map. Then there wouldn't be anymore a map on the tomtom. And the system doesn't allow it. I tried to fix it with mydrive connect but that is also not possible. Because they say that the tom tom is can handle it on its own without computer. does anyone can help me??


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    HI @wouters

    Add a micro SD Class memory card size 16gb or maximum 32gb and then you can have both maps and others as well if you want. I suggest you get Sandisk, Samsung or similar major make form a reliable source to avoid fakes.

    When you insert the card you go to System in Settings and format it for maps.

    The advantage of having 2 maps on the unit is that if you are say updating the European map and there is a problem you could finish up losing the map and with no other map on the unit you cannot start it. Having the second map helps avoid the no map situation and you can start the unit and reinstall the map that failed during the update.