Does TomTom still have battery problems?

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I am disappointed with my TomTom Go 600 from 2015.

The battery is old and bad, but that shouldn't be a problem, because the device is in the car charger at all times. But nevertheless the device suddenly turns off during a drive writing on the screen that there is no more battery.
I consider this behaviour strange - it must be caused by a bad design, and I don't want to buy a new model with the same problem. Can any of you recommend another model with a better design?
Or should I look for another companys products?

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  • dmulv
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    You probably don't want to hear this, but regardless of how much the device is connected to power, a battery is still regarded as a consumable item. This applies to all rechargeable devices of this type - phones, dash cams, laptops, etc..

    The reason for this is even though the TomTom is connected to the car charger, there's still a constant charge/discharge cycle going on, which will eventually cause the battery to expire. The only fix is a replacement battery.

    This isn't too difficult in the 600 fortunately... full instructions are in the link here.
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    Thank you for your answer dmulv.

    I understand that the battery can expire. But I don't understand why the device can't operate without a battery when it is connected to the charger. But I am no specialist, so maybe it's just me.

    Actually I did put in a new battery only 11 months ago, and that solved the problem for a while. But maybe the quality wasn't so good, and it must already be worn out. (It was 3rd party, here's the link: I didn't use the company you linked to because it's expensive and complicated to buy products from outside the EU in Denmark, where I live.

    It is not very hard to switch the batteries, but it does require some work and tools and there is a risk. I must have done something wrong, because after the operation I haven't been able to upgrade the device or the maps in it. (Went through the whole operation again a few times, but couldn't solve the issue.)

    Because of this I will have to buy a new product at some time, and I hoped that I could avoid having this kind of problem again by buying another model or make.
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    HI @Jesperben

    I see you have had this problem for a few months.

    I think I would have a look at some of the videos on Youtube of how to change a battery and see what connections etc I will have disturbed in the unit. Then before thinking of getting another unit I would open the GO6000 and check that all the connections have been remade correctly and that there are no other connections that have been disturbed .

    My suspicion is that there is something not connected inside that is why it is not updating as it should.

    Hope that helps.

  • Jesperben
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    Hi @DougLap

    Thank you for your answer.

    Maybe you are right. I did try as much as I could with my limited abilities last year after I changed the battery, but I couldn't make it work again.

    But maybe a fresh look will give me a new insight.

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    I had an older unit where the battery died. It would shut off the instant it lost power. But I could use it normally when connected to power -- for hours at a time, all the time. Never had any problems while power was on. Of course it had to restart each time I started the vehicle since it could no longer "sleep".

    I did eventually change the battery after a few months and then gave it away to someone else.
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    Hi @big

    Maybe your device had another - and in my view better - construction.

    This is the answer to me from TomTom support:

    "I want to inform you that the device is built up in a way that it can take the charge only from the battery and not from the power source directly.

    But the capacity of the battery reduces and in this case the consumption of power from battery by the device is more that the speed at which the battery gets charged. Hence the device keeps switching off even when it is connected to power source."

    I am only a lay man but I find this construction less robust than desired. Maybe there is a good reason for it.
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    i don't know if this will help, but i find the charger from Tomtom to be somewhat flimsy and i now charge Tomtom by USB cable, the same way i charge the cell phone. there are variations of USB cable, so make sure you get the right one.
    the downside is you will lose traffic update if the chip is embedded in the original charger.