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Can I Stream Live Services To A Go Live 825?

caravanjlcaravanjl Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
I didn't renew my Go Live 825 Live Services so apparently Vodafone has disabled the SIM card which I only found out when I tried to buy a new subscription last week.
Can I use an Android phone to stream Live Services to the Go Live 825 or is it a case of buying a new sat nav.

P.S. I tried using an RDS traffic receiver & it was complete rubbish & has been returned as unfit for purpose so this won't be an option.

Thanks for any advice.

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  • caravanjlcaravanjl Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
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    That was a quick reply, thanks.
    I'm in the UK so 2G is still on.
    I've phoned support & unfortunately the SIM card can't be reactivated.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 18,715
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    Does the SIM actually report an error ???

    Have you tried a Soft/Drum roll restart on the device ??? This restarts the devices Operating System afresh


    Charge the device for at least 2Hrs "OR" have the device plugged into a power supply
    Press and hold the on/off button until you hear a drum-roll sound then release the on/off button.
    You won’t lose anything; it’s just like rebooting your PC
    I use a Soft/drum-roll start after any upgrade large or small.
    It’s also useful to keep in mind for sorting out most minor niggles......

  • caravanjlcaravanjl Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
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    Thanks, I tried that initially. Apparently it's Vodafone who disabled the SIM card on their network & once that happens the sat nav can never access Live Services again.
    I have been offered a new sat nav at a 30% off discount but as I now do very few long distance journeys it's not worth buying one.
    The Go Live 825 still works fine, just without the Live Services.
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