Switching maps on VIA device

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I have a TomTOM Via with 8 gig

I have the US Canada Mexico map active
I also have the Europe map inactive.
Iwant to activate the Europe map but I don't have enough space.
How can I inactivate the US Canada Mexico map so I can load the Europe map?


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    Hi @ohkeyturk

    Which Via model do you have so that depending what you advise the following may be possible.

    If your unit has an extra memory card slot then add a Micro SD Class 10 memory card size 16gb or maximum 32gb and then install the European map.. You. will then have both maps on your unit which has the benefit that if you are doing an update of either of the maps and there is a problem with the download you will still have the on3 map available to enable you to start the unit and sort the problem out.

    The default situation is that you must have a map on the unit otherwise the unit will not start. Because that is the default position you cannot delete the only map in order to load another. If you have 2 maps on the unit then deleting one is possible so you can replace.it.

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    TomTom via Start 25
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    There's no such Model as a Via Start 25 or a Tomtom Auto
    Its a Maybe a Via (Something) or a Start (Something)

    Find the model of your navigation device and what software it uses (US Models)