GO 520- Frozen after start up

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Unable to reset to factory settings. I have followed every instruction on TomTom support page! I have installed TomTom Home and device not recognised. 520 switches on but will not do anything else. HELP PLEASE. Its driving me insane!!!


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Orms462

    I am sorry to say that if your unit is one of the old GO520 units which has a serial number starting M2 or M4 the unit was announced as obsolete by Tomtom on the 16th January 2018.. You can no longer renew maps or services and any current paid for updates or services will not be renewable on expiry. You will not get any software updates and whilst such units may still be working the maps will become outdated. The announcement is here.


  • Orms462
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    Thanks. I already knew that. But I want to use it until maps run out! Can’t even restore it! Any further help would be appreciated.