Does TomTom have a map for Iceland?

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Does TomTom have a map/GPS for Iceland? IF so, does the Europe map cover it and/or how can I get it.
We have the Europe coverage but can't find Iceland in it?


  • big
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    Yes, It is part of the Europe/Northern Europe map. but it is not available on older devices. Which device do you have? If and how to get it depends on your device.
  • frank_1302
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    Is Iceland automatically covered in the new GO Premium X and will the built in SIM card function in Iceland?
    Are the F-roads in Iceland covered by the maps?
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    Yes Iceland map is a part of the Go Premium X. You can use by installing Europe map. With an gprs connection you will also receive traffic information in Iceland. Incase the sim didnt work you can try using bluetooth connection via phone