6200 go wifi, not starting

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Hi hope you can help with this one.My 6200 is 14mths old( nicely just out of warranty).Went out to find it showing the screen with a pc and satnav with a small red cross between them. I have tried to reset it (which normally worked in the past for most problems),then a full reboot as per the help videos ,sat nav has refused to cooperate.My drive connect has been uninstalled ,latest version reloaded and all it does is say its repairing the sat nav,gets to 100% then it shuts it down.restarting with a reset and mydrive are much the same,tomtom noise and logo loads up halfway,stops,restarts loads up about 20% and switches back to the pc x satnav screen.
Really hoping someone can help because the suport lot have blanked the emails since they were told the purchase date