When do you support Weekcal App?

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Do you have any plans to support the Weekcal App. When adding an appointment I often ad the address. And I get to choose the Maps, the Google Maps and the Waze apps. But not TomTom GO. Which is the one I would like to use as default navigation app.

Is that support in progress?


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    Hi @Neonors,

    TomTom need to add URL Scheme support to GO in order for this to happen! We asked for URL Scheme support on GO as soon as it was released, i.e. over 3 years ago.

    BTW, the original TomTom Navigation app had URL Scheme support (so TomTom definitely know how to do this and have done it in the past) and therefore the Weekcal App would probably know about the original TomTom Navigation app.