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I had the Rider 2013 and the next instruction showed the route name for the next turn. I now have a Rider 550 and it does not show the next route till 2 miles or less before the instruction. Can it be made to show as soon as the instruction is shown. I know I have to learn the 550 but so far after having it for 3 months I am sort of wishing I had kept the 2013.


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    I agree with you, I got the V5 and bitterly regretted changing it for 550 :'(
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    I see TomTom monitors this board not so well or they have no clue either.
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    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> Guidance View... Check if....
    'Show current street name' is set to ON

    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> Voices... Check if....
    'Read aloud early instruction's is set to ON

    Also With a Route planned and a GPS Satellite lock...
    Tap the Top Info Bar for the 'List View'
    Tap the 'Back button' to return to the Map view (Back button is screen top left)
    Also, the 'List View' is semi-live... When you are driving/riding, if you tap the top info bar....
    Your present location is at the top of the list
    The 2nd item on the list is your next Instruction and the route/road name

    This can also be useful in Town/City When entering the next road, you can alternately tap the 'Top Info Bar' and the (Back button screen top left) to dip in and out of the list

    It's not very useful halfway down a long Motorway, but if you dip in and out of the list, it does give the remaining distance to exiting the Motorway

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    Thanks but all of the above was known. Current route is on and early instruction is on. I'm not at the unit currently but I know this. I also found out that tapping the info bar will look at the route with the next turn.
    My question is, if it knows the next route why does it not show it instead of just "Turn right in 5 miles"? I really do not want to reach up to the unit and hit a button and then back button to get an idea what road it is using as I may want to go another way. The older models showed the next road name.
    Thanks for the suggestions though.
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