Switch a tomtom account at Rider 550

Marco V
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Good morning,

Yesterday I bought a rider 550 and now I mistakenly registered with a wrong account. Is it possible to register with another account?




  • tbone.sullivan
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    Are you able to login to the account? You should be able to change the email address that the device is linked to.

    The way that TomTom's account works is I think one device per account, and each account must have its own email. At least that is how it was when I set up my account in 2017. I had two GPS units, so I needed two accounts.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @Marco V

    I have not got a rider model only car type. On the car models when you set the unit up you input the account you want it to be related to. If you then sold the unit you do a factory reset of the device to lear everything and the new owner then sets the unit up and put their account in. On the car models the factory Reset is in System in Settings and is Reset Device

    Can you not do the same in effect ie Do a factory reset and put the account number you wanted to use. You will lose all settings and Data you have on the unit but I assume that you have only just got it and so you probably have not put much on it yet.

  • Marco V
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    Thnx for your answers.
    I have done the reset with the right account an now its working as it shoot.