How to download my order from the webshop?

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Yesterday have just buy Europe single map and speedcams, but how can i reach the products? I can´t see how i should get it in my SD card, i have try everything!!


  • lampard
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    Hi @jesher

    Welcome to the Community! I can't see any device linked to your email address which you used to login here and to purchase your device. Ca you please first link your device to account and let me know if you can see your purchases? See the public FAQ here: TomTom HOME/MyDrive Connect

    Regards, lampard
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    Hi, I have an Carminat live, it´s the standard in a Renault. I can´t find the model on the list, and it´s not a new device, but from the car´s age from 2014. I need a download instruction for the Carminat SD card