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I tried to update my device and got a message "Your current SatNav is incompatible with TomTom's latest map update." I got an email with "Upgrade Offer: HUGE LOYALTY DISCOUNT!" I clicked on "Shop Now" and was directed to a page with discounted GO520's and GO620's. When I selected a device, the shopping cart said "The voucher code you entered is not valid or has expired." How do I get the quoted price?


  • VikramK
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    I would suggest that you contact customer service, they should be able to provide you with an alternative voucher.

  • lowrider91au
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    The loyalty discount is not so huge at $209 when I can buy it from The Good Guys for $228, lol.
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    I have owned and used tom tom sat navs for 25 years up until I gave my XL to my daughter and bought an upgrade and have owned two since and have discovered Tom tom are telling porkies about life time maps not telling you its the lifetime of the software not real life time they know your time with that unit is limited because they want you to keep buying new units like the mobile sharks I am gutted got a Tom tom golf watch too on the misguided trap that has been set when you send it to be repaired you never see it again so I'm out they are probably all the same