Server busy error while updating the device

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Followed advice regarding persistent failed updates (our servers are busy right now please try later or.... uninstall etc) I have uninstalled the app but cannot re-install it Is it out of commission or what?

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    Hi @lofty1

    I assume, you are talk about the MyDrive Connect software installed on a PC with the message "Busy servers". Often a clean installation solves the problems. But you can't reinstall the software.
    I have a look at your old message, you can try this:

    - With your device Not connected to the PC.
    - On your PC use a user account with "Administrator Rights".
    - "Restart" your PC (Not Shut down or Sleep)

    For Windows 7 with SP1 or W8.1 or W10:
    - Download and install the last version MDC, take it here, "Download for Windows":
    - "Log in" with your email and password.

    For Windows Vista, if it's still the OS of your PC (also valid for Windows XP):
    - You must use a specific version of MyDrive Connect for these Operating Systems which are no longer supported by Microsoft.
    You can download it here, "Do you use Windows XP or Vista ?"
    - When you connect your TomTom device to the PC with its cable you will have to manually install the TomTom driver.
    Look at this TomTom FAQ:

    If you need to find your TomTom driver in your system folders it's here:
    ==> C:\Program Files\MyDrive Connect\Driver\INF\tomtom.inf

    - "Log in" with your email and password.

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    Hi Laure123
    Yes I did all that and sorted it thanks. This was also with help from Tom Tom tech Aarti over the phone. Seems my W10 PC firewall was preventing the download re-installing. My lap top (W10) was fine.
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    The issue was not helped by the Tom Tom web site saying their 'servers were busy, try later'., Aarti was onto it immediately thanks anyway to everyone.
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    when i update model i get the error something has gone wrong this service is temporarily unavailable please try again later. Why does this happen and what do i need to do to fix it.