TomTom XXL classic won't turn on despite hard reset

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Have got this venerable unit, but has just decided to not start. I have charged the battery and also have it plugged in when I try a hard reset. I hold the power button after the drum roll and get to the white text screen, and it selects the "Sector protection" line with it being No, but I also see the "Startup mode:" line with it being "Power down". I assume that causes the non start as it goes to the drum roll, comes on with the yellow progress bar across the bottom, shows the TomTom logo, and then turns off. Oh, I now can't see the device when plugged into my W10 computer. Is there any way of changing the "Startup mode:" option? Cheers Mick


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    Hi zingersmeister,

    welcome to the TomTom-Community :)

    Startup mode: is not important. It is misleading. It means the last Status. Not the Mode. Mean, if your device turns off, then the last Status of the device is at the next start "Power off".

    Important is the Line "Internal FLASH capacity:" Which Value have it? If this Line is missing, the internal flash is dead and thus the device could not be shown in W10.


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    Thanks for your response.
    As for it not being seen in W10, I connected it to the back of my desktop, rather than the front, and there it was. Seeing it wasn't staying on, I decided to format the internal memory (2Gb) and then re-install TomTom Home.
    I was able to connect to my unit and update to an old version of maps (930 if I remember correctly)
    It now turns on and off, which is good and allows me to plan trips. Not a problem with older but obviously not showing the newer roads and developments.
    It won't allow me update to the latest maps telling me it's outdated and TomTom are offering me 30% discount of their newer models like the Go 520 and 620
    At least it's working.