Will Live services still work on my 825 Go Live?

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I know it sais TT does not support the Go 825 anymore with updates and maps and services, but I have the 825 Go Live with lifetime maps and I get the latest map updates just fine. I installed the latest Europe map just now, no problems there. It also states about the ended support "does not apply for systems with lifetime maps".

However when I try to purchase the Live services in the store and I do the "is your system supported" check there(put in first two digits/letters of serial number), it warns me yet again that support has ended for my product. I still feel that the Live service (where you get realtime updates on the roadsituation, jams and such) will work fine on my 825 Go Live! but would like to know for sure. I have had the service for 2 years and I was happy with it.

Thanks for any help.


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    Hi @Tyncale

    The device is considered to be end of support so any subscription which are active will run till the subscriptions end.

    The webshop won't allow a purchase for new subscriptions.