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This is ridiculous! You send me an email inviting me to update my device and then you tell me I can't download the update without installing the Navcore Update but there is no visible link to install that. I'm sure you all had a good laugh at your customers' expense about how frustrating this was going to be
. You obviously wanted to make sure they never bought a TomTom device ever again!


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    In your Profile you state 'Tomtom go' ??? There are many Tomtom GO Models which one is yours ???

    Usually the Navcore Update selection box is greyed out and already forced ticked by Tomtom
    you can't deselect the Navcore Update... That's why its a Mandatory Update

    I always install any updates one at a time....
    Deselect the other update/s... Then install the new Mandatory Navcore update...
    Reselect one remaining update/s and always install one at a time

    Updating one item at a time your less likely to have a log jam on the server if something goes wrong