Problem with the rain Rider 550 for 6 month

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Hi everyone! I'm new on the forum, but I have a Rider 550 for 6 month.

I have some problem whit the rain. Simply, the raindrops active the touch of my navigator, and this is very annoying and dangerous when I'm driving in the rain. The customer support changed my device 3 times (they say), but the problem it's always the same. Someone has the same problem?

I read about a user whit this problem, but I don't know if he solved it.

And I have also some problem whit the Bluetooth connection and my iPhone.


  • Ste7ios
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    This is a problem of the capacitive screen technology. If it’s possible protect it from the weather as possible or place it as vertical as possible so the rain drops cannot accumulate...
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    Capacitive screen so to be expected. Put sensitivity on lowest setting and ensure the device is vertical. If you cant do that, then put a sunshade device on it.
    Mine is vertical behind the screen and no probs.
    I wonder if a screen protector might help you?
    By the way, out of interest, why is it dangerous. I would have thought using touch whilst riding is far more dangerous. I only ever interact with the unit when stationary.
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    It is 2022 and this is STILL a problem !

    (Also, why is it dangerous? Because it keeps on flashing from screen to screen and becomes very distracting PLUS it becomes impossible to use for navigation)
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    Maybe read this post & watch the videos....
    How Do Smartphones Know Which Is the Right Side Up?

    You can easily see that the dynamics of a Bike ride like the quick acceleration, extreme angles of lean, heavy breaking and engine vibration (Single Cylinder & V Twins)....
    Even the angle the Rider device is mounted would easily throw the data coming from the tiny the Accelerometer chip into chaos....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM