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I have searched the FAQ's for help with removing a device from my account that was stolen from my car back in 2016 as I keep receiving emails relating to the START XL with the serial number GH3xxxxx554. The device described was stolen in August 2016 and I bought another Satnav. The START XL with the serial number GH3xxxxxxx0554 has obviously NOT been connected to the Mydrive connect app since then. The only suggestion that came was to remove it from my profile on the Mydrive connect website, but it does not appear there. However, I still keep receiving emails regarding the START XL with the serial number GH30xxxxxx554 asking me to upgrade.

I have searched for someway to make contact with customer services, but the only option is to request help regarding an actual device that I own. When I select a device with the name Start All that happens is I get a choice to get help with Manuals or such things. When I select to update my account, EVERY time a message appears telling me that the START XL with the serial number GH3xxxxx554 is not supported. When I click on the link to get help I am given the option to Download a map, Download a manual or FAQ's which then brings me back to the option I am now following.

I am tired of being reminded about the theft as well as my satnav being stolen, my car window was smashed and I had to go through all the hassle of making a claim and having my car repaired.

How do I make contact with a real person, even If that is via email to GET MY START XL with the serial number GH3xxxxxx54 that was stolen REMOVED FROM MY ACCOUNT?????