Reduced Speed is lost

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When planning a route using the MyDrive app I can choose to plan for reduced speed (eg. 90 km/h). I then save the route in MyRoutes.
However when I choose the route on my navigation (GO 5200) it seems to have lost the information. This results in a very misleading estimated time of arrival on the navigation.
I’ve searched the menu on the navigation to find the Max. Speed setting, but cannot find it. My 10 year old navigation had this option available on the navigation unit, so I’m sure it must be somewhere on my new device.
Could you please help ,e to make this work on my new device?
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  • DougLap
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    Hi @HenrikCT

    The GO5200 does not have the option to set a maximum speed. The option is only available on the Truck and Camper models.

    If you create a route on MyDrive with a max speed set in MyDrive and send it to the GO 5200 it will recalculate the route timing based on the GO5200 settings ie with no max speed.

  • HenrikCT
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    My bad. Thought buying a new and more expensive navigation would give me more and better options. This seems not to be the case.
    Guess I’ll have to use my old navigation with outdated maps instead then.
    I only use this feature once a year so buying an additional device for this is not an option. Really think you should consider reintroducing the feature again.
    Kind regards.