How do i put a new map on my Professional GO 620 ?

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I recently deleted What i thought was a second map off my GPS. Boy what a mistake that turned out to be . It was the only map on the GPS now all i get is a screen asking me to add a map and it wont let me do anything.What can i do


  • JohnPank
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    New GO620. I deleated US/Mex/Canada to get more space for Europe. Now trying to reload US only. It is wifi connected and takes hours to get to 75% then stops and says it lost the computer connection. I restart it and the same thing happens.
  • JohnPank
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    I have loaded maps to my other TomTom devices with no problem and in fact loaded Spain/Portugal to the 620 with no problem. Just cannot get US to load.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @JohnPank

    If you have. no extra memory card fitted have you got enough memory available on the internal memory to take the USA map. If not then fit a Micro SD Class 10 memory card size 16gb or Maximum 32GB and I would suggest a Sandisk, Samsung or similar major make from a reliable source to avoid possible fakes..

  • lampard
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    Hi @JohnPank

    Welcome to the Community! The US map download is successfully installed on your device which was earlier aborted due to poor connectivity, please post back here if it's not the case.

    Cheers, lampard