I am considering buying a new tomtom possibly the Tom Tom Premium6

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I am concerned about how quickly "lifetime updates" will run out. I am trying to compare with competitors and may even buy an inferior product if the updates last longer. Can anyone advise how long is a lifetime for a currently this product or the tom tom go 6200?


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    Hi @mr_lost

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    Probably the information on the link below will help:


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    Hi @mr_lost

    I am a customer like you and have a GO5000 which is approaching 6 years old. The unit has 8gb of internal memory and the only problem re Lifetime maps is that the European map has grown from circa 6gb to 9gb plus. This has arisen I believe because of the additional infrastructure as well as some countries, of which about 6 still remain, were only partially covered and gradually more is being included with each update. I have had to purchase an additional memory card as it is needed for the current European map but as the card can be up to 32gb three is still an enormous amount of space available.

    There are some models older than mine that are still being supported with lifetime maps although similar models are now considered as end of life. The end of life models are largely those with very limited internal memory ie 2gb or less and in many cases have no facility to add memory.. The current models like the Premium have 16gb of internal memory as well as the capability of adding a further 16gb or 32gb. so there should not be a problem with memory availability.

    Hope that helps