Why is a tom tom map update so complicated?

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I have been a Tom Tom User for over 10 years but nearly every update brings problems.
This one has taken half a day to sort out.
We now have a VIA 135 which failed during update and lost its map completely.

After much going round and round in circles I it seemed that the new map was too big for the remaining space in the device.

So I then found how to uninstall the old map from the device and uninstalled MDC and its download cache.
I also unchecked the "download automatically" check box in MDC as that is what stopped me from seeing what was happening in the device.

Why cant TOM TOM start the update by performing some sort of backup and then clearing out the old map and starting fresh?

I dont know how to put that in techie terms but it makes sense to me.

I would think very hard before buying ANY other tom tom product again.

Hope this may help others

Mad Mike