Iceland map for Via 1500/1505

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I've read the warning about Nav3 devices and their lack of support for the Iceland map as part of Europe the Europe map. My device is not listed among the Nav3 devices.

But, I I bought the Europe map in 2014 and after loading that map onto my device, I see that it does not include Iceland. That has me concerned about whether buying the most recent Europe map will include Iceland.

Please let me know for sure whether Iceland will be included.


  • miketorcy
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    Iceland, only for NAV4.
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    How do I know what is Nav4???
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    Hello lggg Via 1500/1505 are generally older devices which are Nav3. you can find the first two letter of the serial prefix on the bottom of your device and post those first two letters to the question here to know if its a nav3 or a nav4