My TomTom GPS watch is not working properly, irratic.

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My GPS watch Sr No HExxxxGxxxxx, it's right click button is not working, due to this I am not able to use it for running. Other three click buttons are working properly. Sometimes, it starts recording activity inspite of it is kept in the drawer. Is it because of some software virus. I have reset the watch but the problem still persit.

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    My sports watch isn't working since I updated it. As soon as I discovered it from the laptop, after 2 mins, it stopped working. Plug it in and it shows battery full, unplug and it says battery dead. It was fine before the update. The battery lasted. Week. I have done a factory reset, deleted the app and reinstalled it. Reset the Bluetooth on my phone. Reconnected it to the program on the laptop. Has anyone else has issues?