How to get rid of places stars?

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Iphone 8 how to get rid of the places stars on the screen. Can’t see the screen for all the stars.


  • Ains
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    Don't hold your breath - I queried this with the previous version and it's still there. Makes adding a lot of favourites nigh on impossible if you want to see the chosen route
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    Unfortunately, you can't search your favourites for a particular one, well I can't found how to do that.

    The only solution I can think of (and which works for me) is to manage my favourites so that I have only a handful. When I'm on holiday I add a few extra ones for the duration of the holiday and then delete them from favourites when they're no longer needed.

    I do however keep a large number of my own custom POIs in an Excel spreadsheet (i.e. longitude, latitude, name, phone number, sub-category, and the spreadsheet uses that information to create URLs for several map types including MyDrive, Google, Open Sreet Maps, and Here). I then convert the spreadsheet into an .OV2 file using readily available tools and then import the .ov2 into an iOS app called POIViewer which is a POI management app that can pass on the coordinates of POI to TomTom GO Navigation.