Updated my Mazda NB1 on my Mazda 6 and lost all my favorites.

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This is the second time this has happened.
This time around I attempted to restore from an earlier backup, saved on my backup device. But for whatever reason the old files wouldn't load when i re-inserted the SD card.
So I've restored the current file and am now furious that all my favorites are gone.
I can see a few other posts with the same problem too.
HELP TomTom & Mazda. You've gotta do better than this.


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    Hi LivingLovingRunning,

    welcome to the TomTom-Community :)

    I have had the same Problem with my former TomTom Carminat 2.0 Live in my former Renault Kangoo.

    TomTom save (for whatever stupid reason) the Favorites in a file named "mapsettings.cfg" in the Map-Folder, but not in the Map-Folder on your SD-Card. At mobile Devices you could see it there.
    For the InDash-Device exist up to three MAP-folders. Because the real TomTom-Harddrive is put together (mounted) from at least three drives:

    1. The internal Flash of the InDash
    2. An ext3-Partition called loopback.ex3 in the Folder "loopdir" on the SD-Card
    3. The SD-Card itself

    With a tool (http://www.acc.umu.se/~bosse/filedisk/filedisk-15-signed.zip) you can mount the file loopback.ex3 in Windows as "Removable Harddrive" and there you then could see a Map-Folder with the mapsettings.cfg in there.

    Now the Problem is, that sometimes a "old" mapsettings.cfg not work with a new (updated) Map. Or the Satnav not start correct (reboot-loop) and then create a new mapsettings.cfg to start properly, but with lost of all favorites, last targets and own preferences.

    I have solve it by save all my Targets as POIs in a new POI-Category (I named "My Targets"). This POIs I save via TThome to my PC. So I can restore my Targets (Favorites) as POIs via TTHome.
    So far so good. With one Update on my Carminat, the "professional" TomTom-programmer created a new Bug. Now they save the own created POI-Categories in the flash of the InDash and not (as in history) on the SD-Card. So for Carminat with 9.884-Navcore you have no chance to save/backup your own created POI-Category anymore on PC.

    But on a Mazda NB1 it should work.