Does YOUR GO 5200 (or similar) re-boot during input?

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I'm on my fifth TomTom product spanning about 4 years. Each has exhibited the same fault. About every 3-5 days (I use the device most days) generally whilst attempting to enter a location address/postcode the unit will cease to respond and re-boot itself. The blue world map will appear (but never the TomTom logo) and then it will return to the current location map display. This cycle takes about 1.5 - 2.0 minutes.

It's responsive after that and will work correctly for the next few days. There's no pattern to it and this latest (replacement) unit showed this fault within three days of purchase.

Anybody else out there having similar problems?


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    No. Although admittedly that doesn't help you :)

    Bearing in mind how many replacements you've had, my first suspicions would lay with the power source. Are you using the TomTom-supplied power adapter and USB lead?

    One other question - do you use the device with any kind of 'extreme' configuration? For example, a huge number of Places stored?
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    dmulv, thanks.
    Power source is always the supplied, official TomTom holder/power unit and lead from the 12v dc connector.
    I've between 2-7 places stored. Low now as I'm pee'd off retyping these details when I change the unit - I also know my way to most of these places anyway.
    I use the device in a very simple manner. I attach to the power holder, switch on, type my first delivery address and set off. On arrival, I turn off the ignition, override the close-down in 15 seconds bit as I'm expecting to be back in the car in less than 2 minutes.
    I then type my next delivery postcode etc etc.

    I've noticed the device becomes a little less responsive, a little slower when the re-boot is imminent.

    I'm also concerned by the repeated availability of the camera updates. These 5.3mb+ size files are offered every 6-8 days. Why?

    There's hardly any change in the camera-base in the North West of England yet these updates also fail to be aware of the 12 month old Average Speed Camera facility now in place on the A666 (St. Peter's Way) road from the M60 into Bolton.

    I'm ultra-cynical with technology (I've been writing software for 44 years - retired now). I'd like to know what's happening here.
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    Hmmm... very odd.

    Not sure I can be of much more help, other than to say I can understand why you cancel the sleeping of the device for a delivery... however all of these periods it's running on battery may be progressively running it down. The device isn't really designed to run on battery due to its hungry power demands, and in fact even when plugged in it has very little spare capacity to trickle charge the battery. I only see the battery as something to give it enough juice to perform a controlled sleep and maintain the low power mode when the ignition's cut.

    It could be that as you continue to use the device with these breaks in power supply, it's going into low power mode (resulting in the decreased responsiveness), before eventually crashing out and rebooting.

    Given how you need to use the device, maybe a workaround would be to hard wire your device in (see my comment here), but connecting it to a permanent 12v feed. That way the TomTom won't get any breaks in power supply, although it will require manually putting to sleep when you've finished if you don't want to empty your car battery.

    One other thing... I suggest you sign your device into your MyDrive account. That way you won't lose your Places the next time you need to do a reset/get a replacement of your TomTom.
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    Again thankyou dmulv for some very good suggestions. When I leave the car but override the sleep mode on the unit, upon my return I generally switch the ignition to the "on" position - partly to get the radio playing again. With power therefore being applied it will sometimes enter a re-boot cycle as described.

    Afterwards, 2 mins. later - it will operate perfectly for several days.

    Might I suggest to TomTom that if this is indeed the possible cause, to display a message BEFORE the re-boot cycle to state that low-power requires this action. Such would allow users to modify their style of operation to avoid a repeat.
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    YamFazMan, again, thankyou for your sage advice and pointers.

    I can see the benefit to the unit entering a low-power mode and even to switch-off in dire circumstances to preserve the battery.

    However, in such cases why can't the device warn of such action. A descending scale played on the "drums" would seem ideal. That said, why should my device and the four previous units all immediately come back to life after the 1.5 to 2.0 minute re-boot. During that cycle I would never switch on or switch off the ignition, nor detach the unit from the TomTom supplied power lead. Therefore nothing external has changed for the unit.

    It was either not receiving power (had my ignition been off) or was receiving power (had it been on). It still re-boots. Works fine afterwards.

    Puzzles me.
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    Yes, I get random crashes/reboots. Drum-roll reset usually takes care of it for a while, sometimes erasing my recent destinations in the process. I find the drum-roll reset to be important because even though it looks like the unit is re-booting it often crashes again quickly, again and again, until I do that drum-roll reset.

    This happens across multiple units so it's not just an oddity of a particular unit.

    I consider it a nuisance but rare enough that it doesn't keep me from using them.
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    Cheers "big", guess this is more common than TomTom would like.

    I drove back along the M5 and M6 from the Cheltenham area to Lancashire on Sunday. Not been in that part of the UK for some years. I was very intrigued to note that my ancient and, for several years now, unsupported and hence not-updated Road Angel device was aware of the camera positions on the gantries in the variable speed controlled area.

    My TomTom, updated with a camera update whilst in the Cheltenham hotel two days prior hadn't got a clue about these gantry cameras.


    So, TomTom, I'd love an honest explanation on this site as to what exactly you update when you send me a 5+mb camera update file - EVERY 5-8 DAYS.

    Meanwhile, does anybody else have the same question?
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    Wednesday 3rd July and again Thursday 4th July the unit rebooted after going slow. Power was present throughout during and before both events.

    Thursday morning at 10am, 4th July a camera update of about 5mb was available. Loaded and reported afterwards to be fully up-to-date.

    Today, 5th July at 4pm camera update of about 5mb again available to download. After the update a screen displayed "Your TomTom GO 5200 is up to date!".

    Until tomorrow perhaps?

    I'm of the opinion these camera updates are not actually being updated on my unit unless anybody else out there ias suffering the same issue.

    I'd appreciate any help.
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    I decided to log a "fault" report with TomTom explaining my problems both with the re-booting and the repeated map updates every 3-5 days lately.
    They responded thus:

    " I would like to inform you that every week we release a update called GPS fix, which updates the device GPS signal. With the updates we also release the speed camera updates for the device so that you are always updated with the latest speed camera locations."

    Today I passed a point where there was once a camera (markings evident on road surface) and the GO5200 warned me of such. My Road Angel kept quiet. I suspect the camera update is NOT working properly.

    No explanation about the re-booting but an offer for me to send it to Romania for "repair". I declined as I've been through that loop twice before and it's as useful as a chocolate teapot.

    I have asked for a technical expert to contact me directly - I've asked for this before but to no avail.

    I'm of the opinion that TomTom care little for their users, have minimal quality support staff and spend little effort in actually updating the camera database.

    TomTom - talk to me to convince me otherwise.
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    An "expert" responded on the Question thread. Same old. Send it to Romania for repair or replacement. Querying if the accessories are at fault (what? Five sets?).

    There's talk in the press of the government creating a website to hold all planned road closure information. This to be made available to map providers - Google and another were mentioned - not TomTom though.

    Strikes me that using Google maps with an increase in my monthly data allowance to compensate seems more sensible than coping with a device that is "temperamental" and a company that is deaf & dumb to the issues of its customers.

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    TomTom again saying I must return the unit.
    They’ll send me a “road-tested” unit back.

    Several issues with that:
    I’m without a device, even an occasional faulty one for about 10 days.
    I have to presume all four previous units plus this current one we’re not “road-tested”
    Halfords have supplied two of the five; straight out of a sealed box.

    I suggested TomTom sends a new unit having charged my credit card, then I send old one back upon arrival. Upon receipt at their end they credit my card in full. Simple.

    Won’t do it.
    I guess I’ll give up at this point as this has been rumbling on for almost two years.

    Shame upon you TomTom