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My Blue&Me no longer connects with MyDrive Connect

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hi everyone, I'm just registered because in Italy I don't find any support. My Blue & Me TomTom 2 no longer connects with MyDrive Connect. A couple of years ago I had already updated it using the 9UCB.001.07 cable (which I later lost). Last month I had to update again because it no longer connected with satellites, I bought a new cable, but 4CQ0.001.06 and after a few failed attempts, I was able to update the QuickGPSfix. But now it no longer connects with MyDrive Connect and it comes out that I still have to update QuickGPSfix, but I just can't get it to connect. I tried a friend's TomTom, the same as mine but older, and when it connects to the PC it turns on, automatically starts MyDrive and is recognized. MY NO, I connect it to the PC, it turns on but nothing else happens. HELP!Sorry for the length but I wanted to explain the events well.Thanks if anyone wants to help me.


  • cristma_84cristma_84 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Seeker]
    hi to all, how come nobody comments? Did I do something wrong with my request? I wanted to add that I have already tried all the reset / initialization procedures that I found in other forum posts, but to no avail. After updating GPSfix, my tomtom is no longer detected by MyDrive, yet I looked at the script of my tomtom and that of my friend and they are identical (only the map is different, his is newer) but his connects and my no. Among users or administrators, there is no repairer or technician (tomtom) who can tell me if I have to try to change some chips, maybe the one dedicated to USB communication. Or where can I find the Blue & Me tomtom 2 electronic scheme?Thank you so much.

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